Friday, January 13, 2012

Robot Pants and Cloth Napkins

I've been on a bit of a pants-making kick around here lately. Really, it's just an excuse to buy more ridiculously cute fabric from my new fav little fabric shop. I followed this really easy tutorial. Thank goodness for Pinterest : ) See, the hours I've spent pinning are not in vain. : )

Pinterest also brings friends together. When some of my girl friends and I noticed that we'd all been pinning photos of cloth napkins we decided we might as well get together in real life and make some. Maybe "pinterest accountablity partners" is not a bad know, friends who are willing to ask, "Hey, have you actually made those no bake granola bars you said you were gonna try?" or "Hey, lets see your abs. Surely they're nice and flat by now since you pinned those '12 moves to flat abs' forever ago." Just an idea ; )

It's cold, snowy, and windy here today. I'm totally content to just stay inside and keep making cloth napkins. We are, after all, gonna need more than the three napkins I was able to finish with my friends last night. But errands call.  Time to bundle up and face the elements!



Jessica said...

How fun to have a girls sewing night! I love your robot pants, you have to post that picture on the Sewn FB page, the girls would love to see.

Crystal Jeffers said...

I totally LOVE the idea of getting together with friends and sewing or doing anything crafty together! I would love to have local friends that I could craft with, We just moved so that hasn't happened yet... Love the cloth napkins!

Vicki Johnson said...

oh i have been wanting to have a pinning party. thank for the inspiration xoxo