Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011. Quite a year.  I started the year newly pregnant. My sister and her husband flew off to live in South Africa for awhile so we started our "Pic-A-Day" project, each posting a picture from our day on opposite sides of the globe (hers involved a lot more sunshine and giant wild animals than mine)
I fell in love with crocheting and finally conquered the granny square.
Which was helpful because when my pregnancy ended early, spending quiet days with Jude in a coffee shop with new crochet projects helped me cope.

We also had to move suddenly. But that turned out to be a good thing...
...because for the first time in our married lives we got to live in a (rented) house of our own with a yard to play and grow in and no neighbors above or below to worry about.
So we got dirty, and grew vegetables, had picnics,
planted flowers,
had lots of parties,
and finally felt peace in our own place.
Another BIG highlight of 2011--getting to create a music video for Josh Garrels, one of our very favorite musicians. (If you haven't downloaded his new FREE album yet, do so! It just won Christianity Today's award for best album of the year)
Creating that video with Daniel was such an amazing experience--lots of late, late nights and long, long days but the whole process so life-giving. Plus Daniel is a pretty attractive co-worker.

And then we got to MEET Josh and his lovely family. He sang for our friends and they stayed at our house and it was awesome!

Also awesome--getting pregnant again : )  Boy #3. So proud!
Pregnant and due at the same time as my sister (and Daniel's sister!) Three new little boys in our family (2 are here, Andrea's is taking his good ole time : )

So, yeah, 2011 was quite a year. Plus a wedding, birthdays, a trip to NYC, celebrations with family and friends... a lot happened. First goal of 2012...take a nap.

Arian : )

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Amazing music video. It really touches my heart