Friday, August 5, 2011

Hard at Rest

We've been enjoying the water, the sun, and the sand of North Carolina with tons of family!

(sporting my 21-week baby bump) : )

 The first half of our vacation was spent with Daniel's family, splashing in the water, lounging by the pool, lounging by the ocean, and lounging around good food....not a bad way to spend a week!

With a full schedule of relaxing we still managed to squeeze in a trip to the aquarium.

Week two of our vacation has been just as relaxing with my dad and family.

Yesterday we braved the 100 degree temps to watch 40+ soldiers jump out of an airplane at Fort Bragg. Definitely worth the wait.

And the boys are enjoying their favorite cartoons on PopPop's big screen tv, some even in 3D!

So, yes, we are definitely on vacation and loving it! Things will get busy quickly as soon as we get home so we're doing out best to make the most of our time off!

Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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