Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Man Points

 Daniel won his fair share of man points this weekend crawling through mud, climbing over cars, dodging tires, running up hills, and jumping over fire at the Warrior Dash.  Pretty fun stuff as long as you don't mind sweat, blood, and the risk of dysentery. : )

 The boys and I cheered him on from the safety of the sidelines. Though I'm pretty sure Jude's favorite part of the whole day was the 5-minute muddy school bus ride to and from the race site.

 The men earned their cuts, bruises, and the free bananas at the end, that's for sure.
 We returned home late that night to a BAT in our BEDROOM!! It was dark but I swore I saw something fly pass me into our dark room. "Daaaaaaannnnnnnnielllllllll...........I think something just flew into our room.........I thiiiiiiiink it was a bat."  He assured me that I was probably just seeing things, flipped on the lights, looked around the room.....nothing.  Then he gently flipped over the pillows on our bed and there. it. was....spread out on our pillows... our PILLOWS!!  It took off flying around the room, we ran fast outta there and slammed the door. I quickly gathered any weapons I could think of...a broom, 2 buckets, a former tennis player....
 Praise the LORD Daniel played tennis in high school and hasn't lost his aim (or his racquet). I married Daniel for lots of reasons...turns out this was one of them. Skillz.
Hope your weekend was great....hopefully a little cleaner and less bat-infested than ours : )

Arian : )

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Katie said...

Warrior Dash! love it ... I did it last year in SoCal (when I wasn't pregnant).
that and snagging a rouge bat from your bedroom ... a seriously manly day! yay husbands!!