Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Impromptu Adventures

I took the boys to the church parking lot down the street to ride their bikes yesterday. But it was so hot, that Hudson quickly ended up sitting on my lap on the pavement in the tiny bit of shade while Jude tried to cool off splashing in the 1" deep puddle that had collected near a drain in the middle of the parking lot. "This is ridiculous, " I thought. "These boys need real shade and real water."

So I grabbed a blanket, water bottles, and books and took a quick look at the satelite view in google maps to see which direction had the most trees. The hope was that, if we hopped in the car and wandered far enough in the right direction, we could find a quiet stream somewhere with lots of shade and a grassy spot to spread out our blanket.

And we did! We headed down a highway we hadn't been down before and just kept turning down smaller and smaller roads til the roads turned gravel, the trees grew thicker, and a little creek ran along side of us.

It was perfect. We picked flowers and skipped rocks and got wet. Just what we needed. Hopefully it was the first of many impromptu adventures this summer where we just pack a lunch, grab a map (or not) and head out to places we haven't been before.

Happy adventuring!

Arian : )


Josh Blair said...

Looks fun. One of the main reasons I purchased the house that I did was because there is a creek in the backyard. I loved playing in my grandma's creek as a kid. And now, my 5-year-old son (as well as my 2-year-old twin daughters) love playing in our creek. My son told me, "You made a good choice," when I told him one of the reasons we bought the house was because of the creek.

elle + josh said...

what a perfect + beautiful day with your boys!

liseli said...

You make them happy for sure.
I wish you many more adventures!

agravette said...

love your blog and your sweet stories! God bless you!