Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The sun!

Man, I'm so grateful for yesterday's blue skies and warm weather!! We jumped right out there and got to work preparing for our summer garden! Hudson loves mowing with our new reel mower and we love that our 6-year-old can mow the whole lawn by himself without inhaling gas fumes or chopping off a valuable appendage.

We're so excited to be in this rental HOUSE with a YARD!! The yard, however, was left uncared for for awhile and there are a lot of dead trees and crazy overgrown bushes to be cleared to make way for the garden and all the lawn parties we hope to have!

So we rolled our sleeves up, called our good friends and garden partners, and got dirty! Loved it. It's going to be a good summer in the backyard.

(Taking a break to talk to Pop Pop on the phone)

We took a break to enjoy our first picnic of the season and our latest batch of home-brewed kombucha. Have any of you guys tried or brewed kombucha? Good stuff!!

Looks like those little feet had a pretty great day--flip flop tan lines and lots of dirt : )



M.M.E. said...

Oh what fun! I wish my parents had one of those mowers. I was terrified of ours and the fact that I had allergies didn't get me out of mowing duties, sadly. It looks like you had a wonderful time! You have a beautiful little yard.

mrs. harmony said...

Just wanted to say you have such cute photos and looks like you have a fun loving family! :)


Anonymous said...

Hudson mowing was adorable. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend.
Having a yard is so wonderful. Ours is tiny but we love it.