Friday, May 20, 2011

First hats : )

 I crocheted my first baby items--two little baby hats that I'll be taking to one of the plethora of baby showers I'm attending in the next couple weeks. So. Many. Babies!!
Cute, right? I had a ton of fun making them and I recommend this pattern (that I mostly followed) to any beginning crocheter like myself.

 Suuuper busy weekend planned--- 2 baby showers, 1 birthday party, 1 dinner party, 1 baby dedication/baby dedication party, and leading worship with my sis in all 5 services at Crossroads! Back to back to back good stuff!  And I'm sure I'll be toting along a ball or two of yarn and a crochet hook just in case I have a moment of downtime. : )

 Happy Friday!
Arian (and Jude) ; )


erin m. cressman said...

so fun! this makes me want to re-learn how to's been years! i've been knitting some here and there but i really want to pick up both talents! where did you learn how to crochet? it's been so long i can't even begin to remember how!

sylvia said...

hi arian, these hats look great for a first time!! just letting you know too that you received a blog award from us!

Anonymous said...

I love those hats! I enjoy crocheting also...especially for little people. =)

I just found your blog through Artsy Ants....and I've added you to my Google Reader!

Lorajean said...

I love the hat with a pom pom on it! :) You did a great job! :)