Friday, April 29, 2011

Home print

I finished the print I started working on last rainy Friday-- a cozy print to match a cozy evening.

It's available in the shop if you're interested!

Did you guys watch any royal wedding footage today? I have to confess, I spent probably an unhealthy amount of time pouring through the video clips and photos of the wedding day and teared up more than once. I thought I was pretty indifferent to the whole occasion. But it turns out I'm a sucker for a beautiful bride and her handsome prince.  It's not often that the headline news on cnn is a love story. Kind of a nice break from the usual wars and disasters. Blessings to the royal couple! May their marriage be loving, life-lasting, and full of children : )



Anonymous said...

This on absolutely blows my mind!

Zach Kline said...

I really like this one. I think I might try the whole "home" concept for a side project.

sylvia said...

this is a lovely illustration, it really speaks to me as i live in an area in which it rains often and i love it cozy inside. went into my etsy faves :)
and yes, i watched the wedding live on TV (i live in Germany) and i loved it. i think i will be watching videos of it over and over again on youtube...


I've loved so much your work that I posted in my site ♥