Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Party Girl

 I finished the crocheting project that's been like therapy for me just in time for my little friend Ruby's birthday!
 It was such fun to work on and I'm anxious to start a new project. I downed a few apps for my ipod and have been bookmarking inspirational photos.

Well, hopefully Miss Ruby enjoys her little party banner. Jude turns three next week so maybe I'll get started on one for him!
(Jude trying to get some love from the birthday girl. She was uninterested. He's never had much luck impressing the ladies.)

Arian : )


Happy Mama (Lisa Gonzalez) said...

Beautiful banner. I LOVE crochet! I want to learn it.

Glad to hear you are keeping your face to the sunshine. Been thinking of you.

Penny said...

ha ha very cute photo! and the bunting looks great, like the colour