Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Thanks for all the love, hugs, prayers, etc. And thanks for sharing about your losses too. I wish there weren't so many women who can relate! It's quite a bummer to go through.

 I have some moments when I feel like super woman--like it's no big deal and I'm totally fine. And then there are other moments, like when I go to reach for my maternity jeans, that I feel a bit lost. It's an odd transition to go from pregnant to not pregnant without a little baby involved.

 But we're coping. There are a few songs I've been listening to on repeat, like "Season of Rain" and
"After the Storm".  I'm diving into some creative projects and keep yarn and a crochet hook with me most of the time to fill quiet moments.

And we're making good use of all the Starbucks gift cards I got for Christmas (thank you!!). Coffee shops are good because you can be surrounded by people but you don't actually have to talk to them : )

 We sketch, and listen to music, and craft, and sip our drinks and let time pass.
It's good.

Thanks again for the love : )

ps-- I'm probably gonna keep wearing the maternity pants anyways. Skinny jeans with elastic waist bands are a blessing that need not be reserved only for pregnant women ; )


Zach Kline said...

May God comfort you through your time of sorrow. I know that you do not know me beyond a few blog comments, but just know that I will be praying for you and your family all the way from New Hampshire. I also pray you will keep your zest for life and art and turn this hardship into something truly beautiful.

Unknown said...

i love you, arian.

Wilcoxen said...

We, too, lost a baby. I pray that you can grieve for this little one, entrusting them to our Heavenly Father. Know that He is with you each step of the journey. Will be praying (all the way from the other side of the world).

Sonia said...

Dan and Arian, our hearts go out to you both. We have been praying for you these past few weeks and sending hugs through cyber space. Hope you had a good weekend in Ohio celebrating Jude's 3rd birthday! He is adorable! And Hudson is simply amazing, too. We love you guys. Les and Sonia