Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Busy Little Elves

It was a busy, festive weekend. My lovely assistant, Laura, and I, fueled by coffee and Christmas music, printed and packaged and sealed and labeled all day to catch up on sales. If you won a painting in the art auction, it's on its way!

A beautiful mess : )

The weekend was also spent making snow angels (the first of the season),

celebrating Christmas at the Seabird Christmas show,

 (grabbed a few of my shirts! they are super soft and comfy)

getting our first LIVE Armstrong family Christmas tree,

and celebrating Hudson's 6th birthday at his snow-themed, DIY pizza party (his request). I got tons of photos on my real camera that need to be unloaded.
All this busyness and freezing temperatures has got me feeling pretty under the weather. Any favorite home remedies for a cold that just won't go away? I'll try 'em! I'd love to just close the bedroom door, curl up in bed, drink hot lemonade, and watch about eight hours of Christmas romantic comedies. That would cure me for sure : )



Christina said...

Get lots of vitamin C! Ever tried a vitamin called Ester C? This will knock that cold out of your body. Also, drink lots of orange juice and hot tomato soup. Yum. :)

Rest up and feel better! It looks like you got a lot done and deserve some rest... What are some of your favorite Christmas movies?

Lady Fromage said...

Hot lemonade? Hm...

Feel better! Those pictures all made my day a little nicer! that shirt looked very cute and cozy!

by the way, stop by my blog for a give away ending Friday! all you have to do is comment for a copy of The Rebel Housewife Rules! :) Great book, I promise you'll love it!

Lisa Ensor said...

Try juicing some green lemonade! If you have a juicer: put in celery, kale, ginger, apple and lemon and enjoy! I've been drinking this every morning for about 2 weeks and I feel FANTASTIC!!!!