Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Awaited" Shirts

My rockstar sister is one of the masterminds behind Crossroad's annual Christmas show, "Awaited". It's the most artistic and creative representation of the Christmas story I've ever seen. And for the past couple years I've had the pleasure of creating the 200+ cast and crew members' special thank you gift! Two years ago they got my Christmas cards. Last year I got to create a custom art print for them. And this year I got to do t-shirts! (Hopefully they are not getting tired of me ; )

The text is a collage of phrases from the show.

Here are a few pics of "Awaited" last year....its pretty wonderful. Can't wait to see the new and improved version again this year!

(photos courtesy of Crossroads)

Off to do some Christmas shopping!! (This is the time of year each year when we realize that our hopes of making all our gifts this is again unrealistic.) ; )



Anonymous said...

Love these shirts!

ManaRose said...

That shirt looks so cozy : ) I <3 your work!

Christina said...

Yeah, I think I'm just now realizing that I can't make all of my gifts, either... :(

WHOA! That looks like an epic performance! I just love it when churches use the arts as part of worship. :) Your t-shirt designs looks like it fits right in with the festivities. :)

Matt & Lanna said...

Arian!! Those shirts are fantastic. If you ever sell those babies, let me know. I want one!!