Monday, November 15, 2010

New To Me

 Hope you had a great weekend! I got my "new" little vintage porcelain enamel desk set up. It doesn't look all that special in the photo but, trust me, it is ; ) So this is where I do most of my work! There's usually a candle burning, a space heater pointed directly at me, a cup of coffee sitting near by, and, lately, some Josh Garrels or Mumford and Sons playing. It's quite cozy.

And Hudson made that pillow for my chair. He's been big into sewing recently. He made himself and Daniel little matching tote bags from my stash of Granny's vintage floral fabrics. Although the two of them sported them proudly to the grocery store, I've since then bought a few yards of more "manly" prints : )

New, warm, fuzzy boots for the quickly-approaching winter temperatures....check!

It's beginning to look more and more like Christmas around town.  We got out our hats and gloves and walked to the bookstore/coffee shop to get gingerbread man cookies and drinks with cinnamon in them.  November's to-do list still seems way too long to really be ready for the Christmas season. But it's coming!

Are YOU feeling ready for it?

Arian : )


Lady Fromage said...

oooooh! love! Makes me feel cozy just looking at it!

Jordan said...

Mumford & Sons have been my November working music as well! Good choice!

Penny said...

Wow would love to experience a winter Christmas! Must be magical.
The desk and cushion look lovely

Natalie Call said...

I love your space! The big A is so perfect! Congrats on your new desk!

My Owl Barn said...

What a lovely blog you have and your art work is beautiful, especially the owl :)