Monday, October 4, 2010

Secret Painting

 I got to do some fun painting as a secret surprise for one of our friends. She loves giraffes and all things child-like so her landlord (another friend of ours) had me come in and paint her walls while she was away.
 I didn't get to be there for the big reveal. But according to witnesses, there was screaming and a few happy tears.  I'd call that a success!
It was a lot of fun to paint! Since I took a break from the theatrical set design world, it's been awhile since I've had such a big canvas to work with. I can't wait til we have a place of our own someday (or a more laid-back landlord) so I can do some painting on our walls!

Happy Monday!
Arian : )


Chrissy said...

That is so nice of you to do that! Those pictures are so cute! Love that little tweety bird!

Lady Fromage said...

How darling! I can imagine how excited she must have been to come home to such a great surprise!

-Lady Fromage

Pure Ella said...

That's so cool!
What an awesome surprise.
I could just imagine your friend all stunned ;D

sammy said...

Arian Armstrong.... I love your work !!! its brilliant !

sammy said...

Arian Armstrong... beautiful and simply brilliant work. keep it going.

sammy said...

Arian Armstrong.... beautiful work, simply brilliant !!