Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gettin Fall-y

 I got my craft on yesterday and made this little autumnal wreath for our front door. It's just a styrofoam form, felt, ribbons from my stash, and a little tag with an "A" I stamped on it.

 It was quick and easy because that's all I really had time for. Gotta love crafty projects you can start and finish in one sitting : )

It's getting pretty fall-y around here, both inside and out...

with the beautiful fall-y flowers Daniel gave me on my birthday,

and the yummy-smells from from the electric wax warmer from Daniel's parents.

I've got several more fall crafts up my sleeves. I'll be sure to show you!

Have any links to your fall craftiness?

Arian : )


lnz said...

Hi Arian

I've been on a yarn wreath kit for an entire year and my fall wreath completes my year of wreaths!


Min said...

Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! Your prints are absolutely gorgeous. I will most definitely be back soon =)

la Naváa said...

Your wreath looks wonderful! Good job patching together craft mish-mashes!