Wednesday, October 6, 2010

10 for 10

(click to enlarge)

So here it is--- my October To-Do list. In no particular order I plan to:

1. Make (and eat) a pumpkin pie.
2. Crochet something cozy (something rectangular because that's all I know how to do)
3. Pick a pumpkin. I've got several farms circled in the local newspaper. Just need to see which ones also offer hayrides and apple cider.
4. Watch a chick and pants with elastic waistband required.
5. Do a new painting!
6. Make a Fall-themed centerpiece. I've been browsing Martha Stewart magazines for inspiration.
7. MORE DEEP BREATHS. I will (try to) face adversity with deep breaths and a positive attitude.  I've got a growing arsenal of yoga videos, favorite Psalms, and worship music to help me out.
8. A pumpkin spice latte. (check and check)
9. Go to bed early (this one will be the hardest of them all for this long-time night owl)
and 10. CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY ALL MONTH LONG!! It's my party, I'll make it last as long as I want to.

What are YOUR goals this month??

Arian : )

ps-- just realized I've been sitting here the the computer for the last 30 minutes with my bike helmet still on....not cool and not one of my goals for this month


Christina said...

Too cute! You have inspired to illustrate my own October list... I think I will create one this week and post it to my blog as well. :)

Mmmm... pumpkin pie, painting, chick flicks... I love October.

Unknown said...

you inspired me to brainstorm an October list for my blog too- thanks!

Also, October rocks. My birthday is the 28th- when is yours? (happy birthday!)

And thirdly (long comment I know), your art is so inspiring! Thanks for uplifting, encouraging pieces!

Chrissy said...

That is really cute! I think I'm gonna have to make my own list, too!

Andrew said...

it's my birthday month, too. this friday! i like the idea of celebrating all month long.

Chelsey said...

that is the cutest to-do list ever! and really great things to do.

Tracy said...

What a wonderful idea! I must go make one myself! I blogged about your idea today and even posted a pic of the paintings I bought from you (which are the one cheerful spot in my dull office space)!

Lanna said...

if you let me come watch pride and prejudice with you, I'll bring cookies!!!! FAVORITE!!!!


Matt & Lanna said...

If you let me come over watch Pride and Prejudice with you, I'll bring cookies!!!!


on a side note, I just tried to post that 3 times. So if you got 3 of the same comments, just assume that I REALLLLY want to come watch Pride and Prejudice with you : )