Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vintage Striped Dress

The little Armstrong boys and I made a brief trip to my grandpa's house yesterday to say hello and spend a little bit of quality Labor Day time with more family. Since Granny passed away and the sorting of her belongings began, I rarely return home from a trip to their house empty-handed. There are always boxes to sift through and vintage treasures to be discovered. Last night I came home with this dress.

It's comfy and sweet and still smells like their house (that's a good thing).

Working on a new print today based on a line from a Sky Sailing song that runs through my head a lot these days...just haven't been able to get a good visual representation of it on paper yet. It'll probably be a free download when I'm done, though, so be sure to check back. And I'll give away a signed one too.

Chocolate-covered strawberries....Hudson's contribution to last night's potluck. So good.

Well, time to pick Hudson up from school so I'm off to test this dress's bike-riding capabilities : )

Arian : )


carissa said...

came across your blog via the ad on abeautifulmess. your work on your etsy is beautiful and i'm happy to have found your little internet space.

Lady Fromage said...

Yummy looking strawberries, and love the dress!

-Lady Fromage