Friday, September 3, 2010


Friday afternoons are our weekly date time (a perk of having a husband who works from home). And today we found THREE new places to love in Cincinnati! THREE! Got a haircut at the newly-opened High Five Salon. It's such a creative, artsy space and the people who opened it and work there are first class. So if you're a local, you should totally check it out. It's worth it.

Lunch at the BonBonerie...amazing. I need to go back for their afternoon tea sometime.

Then finally Atomic 10, a vintage thrift store downtown I've been meaning to check out. Such a pretty rainbow of vintage dreamy : )

I walked away with a cute "new" dress (show ya later) and Daniel got a shirt and tie. A pretty successful date, I'd say!

New haircut : )

Hope you guys have a great weekend! It's a three-day one for us here in the U.S.! Lots of family coming in town, BIG fireworks on the river, beautiful forecast....good times, good times.



Lesley said...

sounds like a lovely weekend! and cute hair!

Kara said...

Mmmm. Your illustrations are so cute! said...

love the new haircut!

angie may said...

love the haircut! your blog and artwork are super cute!!