Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

So all weekend I've been calling "LABOR Day" weekend "Memorial Day" weekend ...about 25 times on facebook, flickr, the silly. So happy LABOR Day to those of you in the U.S. and happy Monday to the rest. : )

Yesterday it felt like the entire city of Cincinnati was a playground and EVERYONE came out to play...crowds and crowds of happy people all day music, good food, parties, friends, family lining both sides of the river as far as you could see. We logged about 10 miles on our stroller it seems. It was awesome.
We watched my sister and brother-in-law play a show in the park in the morning, hung out downtown and took turns holding the babies in the family all day,
and finished off the night with the grand fireworks display.


Our out-of-town family members are heading back and we're all figuring out when we can see each other again...Christmas? seems too far away....Thanksgiving? that's not til November....How 'bout Halloween?....sigh. I guess we can wait til then. : )

Arian : )


Judie said...

Awesome fireworks photos! That must be THE place to be for fireworks!

Freely Living Life said...

Beautiful post! =)