Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back "Home" : )

Our 2200+mile, 6-state, 3-week road trip came to an end late last night and this morning both both boys woke up asking to go back out on the road.

Two big things we learned on the trip were 1. We love Cincinnati--our apartment, our friends, our Cincy family, the city, our church..... and 2. "Home" seems to be where ever the 4 of us are together. (and 3. no one this side of the Mississippi makes an iced soy latte like Coffee Emporium)

We felt at home driving through the Tennessee mountains in our tiny, un-air-conditioned car. We felt at home at the beach house in Oak Island,

Old Man Jude

at my dad's house in North Carolina,

Pop-pop and Hudson


snuggled together in a tent in West Virginia,

and playing in the New River under the highest bridge in America.

And now that we're back we feel at home here. I'm excited about the next few weeks. We're entering a new season with Hudson starting school for the first time, Daniel starting his teaching gig at our Alma Mater, me turning my creative efforts away from freelance and back toward my own art, and Jude entering the wonderful world of potty training.

I feel like we've fully immersed ourselves in traveling and summer and have tried hard to experience all that this season has to offer. And now we're back and we have our eyes set on cooler temperatures, putting down roots, and new adventures at home.

Hope you're fully immersed in whatever season you happen to be in : )


ps-- there are more pics of our trip on my flickr page and a lot more will be posted once I have the time to sort through them all.. sooooo many!!

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Lisa Ensor said...

Wow! This is so inspiring! My husband and I LOVE to travel but haven't really considered road trips with our 2 year! What tips would you recommend for traveling with a little guy?