Thursday, July 29, 2010

When It Rains On Vacation...

Rainy Vacation

... we do puzzles, crosswords, read on the covered porch, drink tea, just enjoy being's still pretty awesome. There are 15 of us nestled snugly here in the beach house. The kids (and Pappy) are napping peacefully while the rest of us are enjoying the quiet break from the sun.


My lovely sister-in-law

Beach House

A few more pics from the beach : )


Uncle Drew

My little bro-in-law.

Uncle Drew and Jude

Jude and Uncle Drew

Daniel and Jude

Alright, back to lying around and doing nothing : )



Courtney said...

You have a great blog- I ran across it and really like it. I love your pictures by the way!!

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

I don't remember how I first discovered your blog - wait, maybe I do... I think I was looking for Wizard of Oz ideas for Halloween one year. Nevertheless, I think you and your art are fabulous. That must be why I bookmarked this page immediately after finding it. <3