Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Good vs. The Great

Painting apron

Any day that calls for a paint smock is a great day in my book : )

We're getting ready to head out of town for a whole TON of adventures-- white-water rafting, camping, the beach, the road, tons of family, poolside sketching and reading.....YAY!



But, of course, I had no problem ditching the packing and cleaning today for a little crafty fun....adding a little "love" to one of my t-shirts : )

Afternoon sketches

I'm trying to wrap up the last couple freelance projects I'll be taking for a while. I've just been feeling a deeper prompting to slow down, focus on my family and my own art, and stop spending so many late hours at this here computer screen trying to meet deadlines. It's going to be a good but hard transition. I'm really bad at saying no to fun freelance projects. But I think God has new plans for my art and family life on the horizon and I need to get on board with His plans. Even if it means forgoing good things for the sake of great things.

Sound asleep

Part of it is that the reality of my first son entering full-day kindergarten in less than one month is really sinking in. It made me want to hug him longer before bed last night and I kept sneaking in to his room to watch him sleep. And freelance work often ends up meaning I spend less time with my boys. I think I'm just realizing that there's no time to spend less time with them. You know?

I hope you're having a great day and spending lots of time with the people who mean the most to you : )



Olivia said...

Have a fun trip, sounds wonderful.

And hooray for new plans and ideas...

Ben & Grace Saunders said...

whoa, that really is crazy that Hudson will be a kindergardener! can't believe it. he really looks like a BOY there, not like a little guy anymore... i've decided to keep Ruby little :)
we'd love to hang out with you guys soon, maybe when everyone's back in town. feels like it's been a REEEAALLY long time.

Anna said...

Love your pictures and drawings!!

Anonymous said...

that is exactly what we're trying to get a hold of around these parts--good vs. great. thank you for sharing! family, art, wonderfulness, the need to say no, growing, new phases of life... thank you!