Friday, May 7, 2010


Yay! It has arrived!

I was SUPER pleased to do the album art for my beautifully-talented friend's new lullaby album. Best. Lullaby. Album. Ever. If you know me and you invite me to a baby shower any time in the next 5, 10, 20 years, this is what you will get ; )


I love collaborating with musicians on album art, ESPECIALLY when the musicians are friends, ESPECIALLY when they've got great photography to go along with it, ESPECIALLY when the great photographer is a friend too!

(inside left)

My fav song on the album is definitely "A Heavenly Lullaby". I listened to the rough mix of it on repeat while working on the art...for, like, hours. : )

(inside right)


And in honor of Mother's Day, I'm going to grab a copy of the cd (still warm from the printers, I believe), and give it away! Just leave a comment on this post about why you love your mom or why you love BEING a mom!

AAAAAND I will throw in an 8x10 print from my shop of your choosing! We're heading out of town for the weekend. So I will close the comments at midnight on Sunday and let you know the winner on Monday!

I have three mothers to celebrate but only one who endured 52 hours of labor to bring me into this world, wiped my countless runny noses, taught me how to sew in 1st grade when I was laid up in a body cast for 6 weeks with a broken femur, and taught me how to be an artist mom by BEING an artist mom.

Thank you, mom (grammy) : )


Ladybird said...

I love being a mom, though it is the hardest thing I have ever done. I have always said that I never understood unconditional love until I had children. Its amazing to think that how much I love them is only a fraction of God's love. This will be my first mother's day without my mom. I am a good mom because I had a great mom.

j... said...

i found your blog via your creative mom interview :)...aaannndddd i'll admit that i spent a good 45 minutes drinking in your beautiful archives :) what a lovely little place you have here!...

i'll also admit that i LOVE lullaby CD's. i convince my wallet to buy them for new baby gifts...but usually end up keeping them for myself ;)

Unknown said...

I love being a mom to see the world new all over again. I love how much they teach me. I never realized how much my mom wanted to give to me until I had little ones to give to. Happy mothers day to you!

Jessica said...

this is nothing profound...but I love being a mom because my kid is hilarious. We pretty much just crack each other up all day.

Britt@artbybritt said...

Oh! Such an adorable cd booklet!

My mom is my hero - now that I'm older she isn't just my MOM, she's my FRIEND. I love sitting at the kitchen table and having coffee with her, talking, laughing, crying... she is just fabulous, and has been a great example to me. I will become a mom this October when my first little one arrives, and I know it will be SO hard but SO wonderful. I'm glad I have such a wonderful example and support in my mom while I approach motherhood.

Rachel said...

I love my mom because she gave up so much for her kids. The older I get, the more I see her sacrifice. It's a cool thing.

Sarah Rhodes said...

There are no words for all the reasons why I love my mom! She is beautiful, inspiring, hard working, tough, creative, and selfless. I even love her for disciplining us as crazy kids. I love her for laboring through life for the sake of her kids, and for first and foremost showing us what it's like to follow God, putting him before anyone else, before we start our days, before we get angry or when we're hurt. I really hope I can be a fraction of what my mom is, to my children in years to come.

Chelsey said...

I love my mom because she is everything anyone would want in a great mom. She gave up doing things for her self to take care of me and my siblings and was always there for us. She supported me and still does in everything I do and encourages me in whatever I pursue and comforts me in trials. She is always there for me no matter how I am towards her. She treats me as an equal, as a friend, rather than a young daughter. I have learned how I want to be as a mom because of how she is to me and how she raised my sister, brother, and me.

delliechan said...

I love my mum because she pushes me to be the best person I can be, she is an unbelievable cook and has taught me so many skills in life. At 65 she is even doing a bachelor of Arts amongst many many other things and she is supposedly retired !! I love being a mum as there is nothing better than a big kiss and hug from my little boy.

Anonymous said...

I love my mom because she has always there for me no matter what, My mom is a sweet caring women and knows how to teat people and she makes the best apple pie. My mom has always told me to never say never anything can happen and expect the unexpected, anything can happen. That is like the best advice i have ever gotten from her. My mom has always been my mom but she is also my best friend. I can always talk to her about everything. Me and my mom have always had a really close relationship. I just love my mommy even though she doesn't live with me because of dad issues but me and my mom always talks on webcam and talk like hours on the phone.
But i also feel like i have two more moms because they helped raise me when my mom was no longer there to help. My great grandma L. has been there from the begging she watched me be brought into this world we call home. and she has taught me home is anywhere were you family is. My Great grandma helped me through all the tough times with my dad and so did my mom.
My "other mom" she lives in Pennsylvania were my dad lives and she had flew up to Washington to get me and my dad to do to Philly because my dad had just got diagnose with cancer and died this January. and now my aunt is letting me be apart of her home because my mom already has two more kids then me and cant support all three of us so ill be spending a lot of time with my aunt. but the best thing is that my mom is coming to visit me every summer. The best thing about mothers day is that u can have alot of moms like i do but there is always the one who gave birth to u and is always always here for u

-Cody Cardilla

Katie said...

since having my little girl, Leila, reading in the Bible about God's love for his Son and all his children (us!) is not just an abstract concept but something that I can somewhat understand!!

Wilcoxen said...

Being a Mom is definitely what I was made to do. Yes, some days are hard, but walking this journey with each of our kids is such a pleasure and a gift. They teach me so much. About love, forgiveness, and how to continue to be a kid. I think one of the greatest things I have been learning from them lately is appreciating how different they all are. They are 3 totally different little (well, one of them is now not so little) people with different tastes, outlooks on life and strengths. Kind of reminds me that we are unique and just like I love each of my kids the "BESTEST", God loves each of us that way too.

Happy Mummy's Day! May you have a great one!

Melissa said...

I love my mom because she is my mom, but I know I am blessed beyond belief because my mom is one of the most loving, generous,self-sacrificing people ever. My kids adore her and with good reason. As a mom, I am blessed with 2 beautiful healthy kids and they challenge me everyday to dig deep and show what unconditional love really means.

Rustypants said...

i have to shamefully admit that there were several years where i could not stand my mom. didn't want to be around her, didn't want to listen to her, wished i could move away and not have to deal with her. and we're not talking just normal teenage rebellion here - i'm talking age 13 or so until 21.

but a funny thing happened when i was 21. it was literally a smack-yourself-in-the-head (no really! i DID!) moment. i realized that i AM my mother's son! we are SO similar in SO many ways, and many of the things that angered me or upset me so much were things that *I* also do! hah!

i'm so thankful that it wasn't too late for me, like with some of my friends who had lost their moms earlier. since age 21 (and i'm 41 now), i've had a lot of time to make up for being such a bonehead.

what do i love about my mom?

she walked me to the library several times a week for years when i was a child. i'll never forget my first library card! she loaded me up with books, then read them to me every night before bed. every. night.

she makes lemon bars like nobody else.

she taught me to think strangely (or if you'd rather: from a different perspective) and ask questions.

my mom grew up in a huge 3-story house in Norwood, Ohio - and she let me stay @ grandma's house a LOT. i made a lot of amazing discoveries there before my grandma died when i was 8. i'm thankful that my mom let me get to know her mom so well (and explore that big, beautiful house).

my mom still asks if i need socks or underwear (and i *never* turn down free socks or underwear, even at 41 years old).

my mom loves my wife and makes her feel like she's her mom, too.

mom waited for me to stop being a bonehead and didn't hold it against me when i finally came back to her. she still loved me!

what do i love about my mom?

she rocks!

Angela said...

So many reason to love being a mom. Watching them explore, learn, smile, many small things that make up each day.

The lullaby CD would be greatly appreciated...especially if there's a certain little someone who needs it come December (sshhh). This mother's day I had two reasons to love being a mom. ;)

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Arian!

Anonymous said...

Arian i really love Ur artwork a lot it i showed it to my mom and she loves it ever since my dad died of cancer its been tough but one of Ur pictures we really like with the owl and the umbrella because its like my dad is protecting me from the rain and my mom says the same thing and she read Ur blogs znd fell in love with them!!!