Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Cuddle Mommy"

"Cuddle mommy"-- it's one of Jude's favorite requests/commands/sighs of relief. And I succumb to it every time-- morning time, dinner time, movie-watching time, mommy's-trying-to-work time, bed time, long after bed time. Who could resist?!
I know, having been through this toddler stage once before , how short it is. "Cuddle mommy" will soon be replaced with clear, complete sentences, difficult questions, and a wider range of requests. ("Mom, do you know where I put my violin case?" "Mom, can I ride my (2-wheeled!) bike in the alley?" "Mom, can you switch the radio to classical music?")

It's all good.

Hope you all have wonderful Mother's Day plans in the making!

Arian : )


Karis said...

Aw... yeah! Glad you are drinking in the moments! So special. ;)

Melissa said...

Just found your blog through the creative mom interview and love it. My youngest is 2, almost 3, and he is a big time cuddler. Love it, but in the morning when breakfast needs to be made and things need to be done, it can be difficult. Good reminder, though, this stage does NOT last forever.