Monday, March 22, 2010

"Free" Shirts

Friday night's concert/live painting/t-shirt launch/social justice extravaganza was sooo great! Sorry I haven't had a chance to post pics yet. We've been going to all kinds of shows and staying out super late this past week and it's been awesome!

This is what I painted during the 2-hour show (better photos and print version coming soon) and you can see what Daniel painted here.

At the event, the Stop Traffick Fashion folks launched the shirts I designed. Check out this little blurb about the shirts from their website:

This 100% Fair Trade, organic cotton T-shirt is made by the women of Freeset in Kolkata, India who were once marginalized and trapped by poverty and prostitution.

Pretty sweet!!

(based on this print)

And since I don't get a cut of the sales, I can shamelessly promote them : ) So go buy some shirts, I did!
(Note: t-shirt not backwards in real life ; )

ps--extra, random photos from the week for your viewing pleasure

NeedToBreathe show....t'was awesome.
Mother/daughter tea...t'was also awesome. Mom's laughing at the recordings Andrea made of her stomach know, tea party things.

Have a good one!!
Arian : )

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