Monday, January 4, 2010

Note Regarding "Awaited" Print

Quite a few people have asked if this print will be available in my Etsy shop. I'm so glad people like it! However, I was commissioned to do it as a special gift for the cast and crew of Awaited so it won't be available anywhere else.

But do keep me in mind next time you're in the market for a special gift! I do take commissions as long as I have time! Feel free to shoot me an email at if you have any questions!

I WILL be adding some new prints to the shop soon though and I've got a couple paintings in the works that I am REALLY excited about! I had one of those "A-HA!" moments yesterday at Crossroads while they were talking about International Justice Mission and the need for more after care houses for rescued sex slaves in India and left there knowing what I needed to do about it! And it involves you guys! More later!

arian : )


Unknown said...

uh, you're such a tease. posting an amazing print that no one can have. :P

featherbed said...

love this!