Friday, November 13, 2009


Hudson Armstrong. Perhaps one of the most highly sought after models in the city. Less experienced photographers tend to shy away from him though. He's pretty high maintenance. He insists on being able to make whatever faces he feels like. He travels with an entourage of found sticks and rocks, a following that seems to grow as the photo shoot progresses. And he's pricey-- one large chocolate chip cookie for every 30 minutes of work. But he's worth it, is he not?

Here's a few shots from our Over The Rhine photo shoot yesterday. Hudson is sporting the first thing I ever crocheted. I'd like to say I've improved since then but the imperfections in my most recent project say otherwise. Ohhh well. It's just for fun : )

Hope you have a great weekend! Crafting, cleaning, baking, designing, and a walk to the coffee shop are on the list for today. But they might be trumped by a long afternoon nap with this little guy.


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Angela said...

OK, the photo of him with the balloon at a distance looks like a scene you would paint. Nice!