Friday, October 16, 2009

Such Potential!

We're still in the process of unpacking, organizing, and outfitting our space. But it's getting a little closer to done every day. Then time to ACCESSORIZE!! WooHoo! I'm soooo excited to decorate this place. It's like a blank canvas with a beautifully ornate frame-- sophisticated and full of possibilities.
I think I've spent the most time dreaming about this little spot across from the foot of our bed. We've never had our own mantle before and now we have two! The perfect spot(s) for a well thought out display of art, photos, candles, and whatever else I dream up that will no doubt change with the seasons.

Not exactly sure what I'll do here yet but I know I want to somehow use these winter wonderland photos that Granny took around their land. Since she passed away my family has been sorting through all her belongings and photographs. These ended up in the throw away pile. But then Papa went back later and rescued them--he just couldn't bring himself to throw them away. So cute and heart-breaking. I love the colors and memories in them and will gladly give them a place of honor on the mantle.
Such beautiful details! It's art and I love it.
Time to get into comfy clothes, grab some pumpkin pie (also love it), and catch up on The Office. Gooooood night!

Arian : )

2 comments: said...

I wanted you to know that even though we've never met, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog.

Kris said...

my enginerd brain goes into complete meltdown when it comes to accessorizing. ugh.
I like to see others having fun with it though :)