Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today I ...

...smiled at how these two are becoming more and more like brothers
... got flowers...well, flower
... sported the necklace I got at an art festival over the weekend. Cute, eh? I'm digging vintage birds these days
... enjoyed having a co-worker for the day
... finished this painting
... dated my husband
... and wondered...well, am still wondering, what our next steps are.

Goooooodnight : )


Allyson said...

today i....discovered your beautiful work!! =) i'm also posting on blaine hogan's online artshow, and saw your work when checking out all of the artists. LOVE. i had to smile when i read your post today. i have two little boys too (and a little girl), and the brothers are just recently acting more and more like brothers as well. i've found myself saying that a lot the last few days/week, so i smiled when it was the first thing on your blog post today. =) i just ordered one of your prints online, and i plan to hang it near my desk in my office space. can't wait to get it! thank you!!

Heather Treas said...

I must say that you inspire me so much! I love your zeal to create and be creative.

Can we hang out sometime?

Heather Treas