Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Flickr Finds:: Jasna Janekovic

I was searching Flickr for a little inspiration (i.e. procrastinating) and came across Jasna Janekovic's photostream. Her apartment, hand crafted bags, toys, mobiles, notebooks, garlands, pins, etc... sooo cute. Here are some of my favs...

The bird in this mobile reminded me of this free sewing pattern.

We're heading out of town tomorrow night-- big family trip to North Carolina til 8/11! Helloooo beach house! I'm going to pack a big bag of fabric, yarn, paper, embroidery floss, watercolors, magazines... I have high hopes for some major crafting!

I'm not sure how much internet connection we'll have so posts might be few and far between. But I'll try to pop in with pics of our beach adventures and crafting extravaganzas!

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