Thursday, May 21, 2009

Date Night

One of the events that has finally worked its way back into our weekly rhythm is date night. Thank God for date nights! We're not ones to go to the same place every week. We like being a bit adventurous, trying new places, heading out with a plan, heading out without a plan, going out with other couples, being just the two of us... But I definitely have my favorites..

My favorite dates:
1. the coffeeshop/sketchbook date (live music a plus)
2. the long walk with scenic view date
3. the outdoor seating restaurant date
4. the bottle of wine/rented movie/comfy clothes/ night in date

Some dates I think I'd like but haven't tried yet...
1. the fancy picnic date (bottle of wine, cheeses I can't pronounce, picnic blanket that doesn't have a cartoon character on it)
2. the camping date
3. the "throw a dart at a map and just drive there" date
4. the vineyard wine-tasting date
5. the 2-week European date

Feel free to share your favorite dates!

1 comment:

Wilcoxen said...

One date that Andy and I did a lot the first couple years of marriage was a "change date." Step 1: gather all the change that you have (we had a big jar where we kept it) Step 2: go to Kroger and use their change counter (or I guess you could roll it, but we were too lazy/too busy for that) Step 3: figure out something to do with only the money from the change. We always came up with something different and it was fun to be creative. Date nights with your hubby are a wonderful thing. :-D