Tuesday, March 17, 2009

If I Was Buying Art...

In a lot of ways I think recession is good. With fewer hours at work, people are forced to spend more time at home. With less money we're forced to actually think seriously about what we buy, cook more at home instead of eating out, get creative about entertainment, MAKE gifts instead of buy them.....ultimately all good things.
Us, for example...to be honest we're making very little money right now. We're living in someone else's house and when they finally come back in a couple weeks, we'll be living in their basement (which we're painting, fixing, furnishing right now--so fun!). Our little red car is not awesome, it's got its fair share of rust and rattles and when someone accidentally bumped it a couple days ago we just shrugged our shoulders and said "Eh, that's ok". On paper we look poor but LIFE. IS. AWESOME. Seriously. We have more time with friends, more time with family, more time for art and gardening and other good things. We're learning to trust God and be joyful. It's great.
That said, I DO wish I could justify some art purchases (who knows, I could be easily convinced).

First up is this Joel Blazer painting. I wish there was a better picture. I've seen this piece in person and it's beautiful. His work is weird and beautiful and he's a really nice guy so I'd love to support him. My excuses for NOT buying this piece are becoming weaker and weaker : )

And you know I am a Jen Corace fan. I love this piece of hers. The original is sold but if she makes prints available I'll have to put that on my (6 months early) birthday wish list.

And I've been following The Black Apple since I first joined Etsy (As Etsy's most popular seller, it's hard to miss her).

I think this print would look so cute in a little girl's room (or a grown-up girl's studio). My love for this print stems from my love of blankets, cute fabric, and general coziness.

In these times I want to be extra aware of who I support with my money-- artist, musicians, and poor people (is there really a difference?) are at the top of my list : ) So I'm off to itunes to purchase some tunes from this great band I found yesterday. Happy creating!

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babalisme said...

I am a fan of Ms Black Apple too! She's something isn't she?