Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Going Green

There are lots of things I'm looking forward to this summer living here in our friends' house--- a BIG one is having access to a yard. Having spent the majority of the last ten years kickin it apartment style, we're taking full advantage of our new found abilities to walk out the door barefoot, plant flowers, watch Hudson learn to ride without training wheels in the driveway, see the sunrise from the porch swing, garden. I was surprised by how happy I was to buy a RAKE today--a RAKE!! Woohoo!

Daniel's "other woman", the tomato plant, incubating under the warmth of lamps and Daniel's tender, nightly tomato lullabies.

We heard lavender wards off deer (apparently the cause of last year's garden woes here). And if it doesn't work, hey, at least we'll have pretty flowers lining our trampled garden.
Hope you get to get out and get your hands a little dirty too!

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