Friday, February 13, 2009

My #1.

It has been an emotional week--a roller coaster of new life and life lost. New life--our good, good friends gave birth to their first- a lovely baby girl with a full head of hair. And life lost-- a beautiful high school friend who died of heart failure just a month after giving birth to her first baby. Heart breaking. I was also really moved by this video . All this has me thinking about what I share on this blog. I share my art, my family, my favorite fashion finds...why wouldn't I share my #1, ya know? --- I love Jesus. I hope you do too. And I'm always up for chatting about it if you have thoughts or questions. You know where to find me : )

It's gonna be a crazy weekend--my first art opening in Cincinnati, a rock show, a funeral (which will also be high school reunion of sorts), I think it's also Valentine's day.....I hope your weekend is full of good.

Love (seriously),

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tira said...

so glad you liked the garland! thanks so much for saying so...and thanks for the free download! i found you via the crafty crow...and i love your work! i'm going to save my pennies to buy a print or two. i hope you're doing ok after your crazy weekend!