Monday, December 15, 2008


We hosted the "Give-Away Soiree" this weekend, giving away a good chunk of our stuff to friends as we prepare to move to Cincinnati in 6 days. (!!!) (we've still got some stuff left--like a microwave, an end table, a floor lamp, a lobster pot, and a VHS copy of "Cool Runnings" with Japanese subtitles...I know, I'm shocked that wasn't snagged right away too! -- so if you're local and are interested speak up)

Don't worry, Jude, you're marked with one of our special "this item is not available" stickers.

Then there was our going-away party, more packing, Christmas shopping on Etsy, meals with friends, and more packing.
Tomorrow is your last day to order from my shop if you'd like to take advantage of the "Buy One Get One" sale. After that I'm closin up shop til after the first of the year.

I'm also getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow (woohoo!) so posts might be sparse over the next week or so with all the packing, teeth pulling, moving, Christmas madness!


Liz said...

Definitely remember to let me know what I can do to help you guys out. What day are you arriving?

Arian said...

We're coming in on the 21st but won't be getting all our stuff til sometime after the first of the year. We'll let you know when we need a hand : )

Heidi said...

oh dude.

i'm bummed i didn't make the invite list.

(not that i need anymore stuff. i just imagine that YOUR stuff is fantastic and cool and magical.)