Monday, October 27, 2008

Some More Photo Fillers

Hey! We're back from Ohio/Ky and we hit the ground running. I'm spending every possible hour this week working on a project for my husband's company. I can show you some of that later. I've also got some more new products to add to the shop that are perfect for the little girl in your life. And I've got some new prints to add. AND a long, long list of creative "to-do's". Til then, here are more fun family fall fotos!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's me, Kiko from Japan!
So nice to see you and all of your family !
As I work for machine-tool company, its U.S. subisidiary locates in Florence KY, if you know, I am being familiar with OH/KY again.

I was impressed to see your young men and your grandpa pics.
Both young men are growing so fast. Glad to see your grandpa is doing great!!