Friday, October 10, 2008

Seabird Shirts!

I just finalized some t-shirt designs for my new friends, Seabird, and they're off to be printed. I LOVE working with musicians on cd covers, band posters, merch, and the like so this was such a fun project. I'm hoping to catch their show when they come around this neck of the woods in Nov. Check out their tour schedule and catch them next time they're near you! (and grab a shirt while you're at it ; )


Anonymous said...

Cool! I sat by Andrea while she & Tye sent you comments so it's really cool to see the finished shirts. Great stuff! I love how you worked all of the little images into a bird.

Jenny N said...

oooh, I recently heard Seabird for the first time. They are great! The shirts are cute too!

Unknown said...

Oh where can I buy one of these shirts online?