Monday, October 6, 2008

Burnt Cookies and the Women Who Eat Them

Yesterday was the SOWA Open Market Baked Fresh event--a good time: lots of people, lots of great vendors, live music, etc. Buuuuut as I sit here the morning after, still getting over the cold from staying up all night for LAST week's show, I'm starting to wonder if this whole "selling my art at art festivals" is worth it. Sure, I came home with a little bit of profit. But I came home to MOUTAINS of dirty dishes and laundry, an exhausted family I haven't spent time with all weekend, and a bare fridge. Breakfast this morning?---Hudson had an apple (not bad), Daniel had an omelet with the last couple eggs (alrighty), some questionable spinach, and dried out leftover rice from Saturday's dinner (hmmm), and I ate a chocolate chip cookie still sitting out from a party on Saturday--but only the top 1/2 cause the bottom 1/2 burned (yeah,ok, that's bad).

So I'm gonna take the day to try and get things back in order. But I did want to show you these bookplate stickers I made as freebies for the Open Market ("Pirating 101"). Hopefully I will have them available as a pack of 10 or so in the shop soon. Plus I'll probably toss one in with any orders from my shop over the next couple weeks.

(This book is one I had been eyeing for several weeks in bookstores all around--"The Little Yellow Leaf" written and illustrated by Carin Berger. Love the illustrations.)

Well, I'm off to pinpoint and remove the source of that foul odor wafting from the kitchen. : )

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Anonymous said...

i vote that selling your art at art festivals is worth it because no doubt art (along with your family) is your passion, and once you've found your passion, it would be sad to give it up. keep selling art at art festivals arian, i wish i lived in the us so i could visit some of your festivals. australia is way too far away!