Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Balloon Man

I babysat our friends' daughter last night. And while she and Hudson jumped on the bed and Jude gummed some dollhouse furniture, I drew this. I'm really happy how it turned out : ) If I ever get to accomplish art goal #245, illustrating a children's book, I imagine the illustrations will look something like this.
If it speaks to you, you can pick it up in the shop for a mere 1,800 pennies (plus a pocket full of change for shipping) : )


Heidi said...

are you making fun of me?

(it's ok if you are, i'm kinda funny.)

Arian said...

Haha, of course not, Heidi. It's all part of my plan. With people bein all nervous about the economy and such, they're much more likely to buy something that costs pennies rather than dollars. See? I'm a marketing GENIUS. Just don't tell anyone : )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this.