Thursday, September 11, 2008

I See Cool People (and thunder thighs)

I 'm so glad to be friends with a healthy handful of really great musicians that are getting out there and putting out great music. My friends, ELLERY, are one of the top 20 finalists in PASTE Magazine's Rock 'N' Reel at Sea Contest (go vote here!). I hopped on PASTE's website to vote for them and low and behold, my friends MAEVE ( see previous post here) were at the top of the page in an ad for their upcoming concert with Sam Phillips.

And if you've caught ABC's promo for their new series "Pushing Daisies" either online on on TV, you've heard my new friends' Seabird's song "Rescue". (btw-- My Seabird inspired print can be found here and here and I'm currently working on some t-shirt designs for them. If all goes well, you'll be able to grab one of my t-shirt designs next time you see them on the road : )

Yay! They're all very nice people so make sure to stop by and check out their websites!

And in an unrelated note, my dad wanted to see a pic of Jude's infamous thunder thighs. When he got his shots at his 6-month check up last week, the nurse, who sees thighs all day long, was like "Good heavens, those are some big thighs!!" So here ya go, dad : ) He's in size 4 diapers...only one more size then he's gotta start wearing Depends.....Jude, that is, not my dad : )


Heidi said...

we should get jude and savannah together for gigantic thigh club. wow. they can play sumo someday... when they learn to walk on those tree trunks of theirs!

Arian said...

Ah yes, the gigantic thigh club...I remember it well--back in high school when the chess club said I wasn't "cool" enough and I failed again to make the cheerleading squad, it was thr gigantic thigh club that welcomed me with flabby, open arms.