Monday, September 1, 2008

Daddy's Boy(s)

Hudson is such a daddy's boy. It's been so great this weekend to watch him conquer fears with daddy by his side. From scaling this mountainous boulder : ) while picnicing by the water to his first ride with his new bicycle trailer.

Right now, he and Daniel are out on their first tandem big boy bike ride--a proud moment indeed. : ) : )

And it won't be long til little Jude is riding right a long with them.


Amanda @ said...

I was really taken with your photo on top of the mountain...the perspective is great! Love your blog, too, thanks for sharing :)

amanda @

Heidi said...

We saw them out biking last night and were SO jealous! My first thought was, "That's what Chelsea will be able to do next summer!" Love it, love it.