Monday, August 11, 2008

Swap Shed Finds-The Pinnacle of Design

Occasionally we swing by our neighborhood swapshed, the part of the town dump where you can pick up or drop off decent used household items--toys, furniture, dishes, books, etc. Here are my two favorite recent finds:

One, this vintage sewing machine. Haven't really tested it out yet but at least it LOOKS pretty. AND it matches this old tool box I use for sewing supplies. (You can see the bird I'm working on from this project.)

And TWO, when Daniel interned at Little Tikes, he designed this line of Goofy Giggles toys. To his surprise, he found this mini version buried in a swap shed toy pile and turned it over to see the Burger King logo stamped on the back-- a kids' meal toy!! Daniel designed a Burger King kids' meal toy and found out about it at the dump! Hilarious. A proud/sad moment indeed : )

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Karis said...

Oh, wow! the Burger king toy thing is crazy!