Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pimpin' My Family--The Champion and His Burning Flame

I just got my step-brother-in-law's band's new ep (yes, step-brother-in-law and, no, hallmark does not make a card for such a relationship). It's GREAT! We don't even have to pretend we like it 'cause he's family. We really do! The album art is fantastic. Check out some other things the illustrator had done

You should definitely check them out and order and EP while you're at it. In fact, it's not too early to start Christmas shopping so I'd say go ahead and pick up a baker's dozen.

I listened to it on repeat today while finishing up work on those fairies I mentioned earlier. And tonight Daniel and I get to go on a Starbucks & sketching date-- sketch book in one hand, coffee in the other, good-lookin man across from me, what else could I want ; )

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