Monday, July 28, 2008

Free Bird!

Wow, I've GOT to make this! I saw this today on the design sponge blog and there's a link to download the free sewing pattern on the left side of this page. So pretty!

Not big into sewing? No problem! At there are free downloads for some birds of the paper variety. There are a ton of options and a call for artists to design more. (I'm sending an email re: that today!)

Of course, if you like birds but don't want to make one, feel free to purchase one of mine here or here. :)

"I like where you're going with the paper folding thing," you say, "but I'm looking for a quick craft that says something more like 'I'm going to rape and pillage your village; ". No problem--- Hudson picked out this little pirate and we constructed him together. There are pirates, monsters, and robots galore for your downloading and folding pleasure at

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