Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fairies and the Perfect Kitchen

I just started work on a freelance opportunity I'm pretty excited about. It's for a studio in Ireland that represents designers from all over the world and designs prints for children's clothing, stationery, textiles, bedding, gift wrap, etc. You can read more about them here.

Basically, I come up with 5 print/pattern/illustrations for each theme (my first theme assignment--"fairies") and then the designs are presented to companies (i.e. Target, Old Navy) who might be interested in purchasing the designs for their products. Who knows, it may result in lots of work and no interest. Or it might bring in BILLions of dollars in which case I would buy you all sweet, sweet cookies and invite you to come swim in my new custom-built, dollar sign-shaped, in-ground pool. : ) Anyways, here is the first of my fairy sketches.

Also, just in case you were sitting there wondering, "Hmm, wonder what Daniel and Arian's dream kitchen would look like?" I found pictures of it yesterday. It's a nice blend of our two styles-- Daniel's favorite "white, gray, wood, and plant green" color scheme, clean lines, and modern appliances with my love of retro/vintage kitchenwares and aged textures (like old wood and metal). You can read more about the before/after process here.

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Apryl said...

love the fairy sketches.. good luck with the project.. though a $ sign pool should really be indoors

not sure what my dream kitchen would be.. clean lines.. and one of those retro style standing mixers, and one of those beautiful spanish espresso makers that they sell in Starbucks in the States... and an island.. I want and island in ym kitchen..