Thursday, May 1, 2008

Flower Child

I don't mind having all boys as long as they'll sit, sip hot tea, and craft with me like Hudson did yesterday. I've been wanting to try my own little flower felt brooch ever since this post.

Mine is just made from cream colored craft felt, brown embroidery floss and some acrylic paint for that "aged" look. Hudson was feeling a bit jazzier, I guess. He opted for bright colors and glitter paint. I think he did a pretty good job! He sewed it and cut it himself! Too bad about those restrictive child labor laws--I think I could turn a pretty little profit if he just up-ed his production speed a bit : )

They are easy to make. Just cut out a few circles of felt, each one smaller than the previous. Sew them together through the middle, pulling tightly so that they flare out a little bit. Then cut lines from the outside to the center of each layer to create the petals, rounding the edges a bit. I dry brushed some antique yellow and dark brown on mine to age it. And that helped stiffen the felt a little so it holds its shape. But the possibilities are obviously endless. Check out all these for more inspiration and let me know if you give it a try!


shell said...

My boys are craft-a-holics too! But no where near as fancy as your stuff! I have started sewing, which is harder to make things for boys. We have come up with capes and swords so far! I might have to try these though, thanks for the idea

Simply Stork said...

yup! craftiness is the way to keep the kido's little hands busy and learn something in the process :o)

cute idea...My daughter will like this idea...we'll need to give it a go :o)