Monday, March 17, 2008


Here's another children's book we picked up this weekend--"The Lost Thing" by Shaun Tan. Discovering and pouring over children's books with illustrations that are even more creativity-inspiring than the stories seems to be my new thing recently. The story is interesting but the illustrations are captivating. I totally agree with something Tan says in the FAQ's on his site:
"With a blank piece of paper in front of me, my imagination is not especially fired up. I could start drawing, but everything would end up looking the same - and most likely stuff I’ve done before. So I actively look to absorb foreign ideas and influences, which is one key lesson learned from years of illustrating different SF stories. Good ideas don’t just turn up, you have to go looking for them."

The letters on the front cover inspired me to start work on a series of letter prints done over some of the vintage book covers and pages I've been collecting over the past couple years. Here's H and A. I plan on doing more so if there's any letter anyone is especially interested in, let me know and I will skip ahead to that one. You can spell words or just hang your first initial in your living room. If your initials happen to be H.A. then you are already set to go!


Ben & Grace Saunders said...

the letter prints are cool Arian :) from one type-geek to another, haha. are you using the same font for the H and the A? or is the A different?
Jude is SO precious... i LOVE seeing the pics of him on the website


sarah cool said...

OOOH. I love those. How much would a print be?

Arian said...

I was thinking of you when I made these and how you always foubd fints with the coolest "g's"

you can find these prints in my Etsy shop-- . Let me know if you're interested in a specific letter and i'll add it to the shop.