Friday, February 29, 2008

Real Materials

It's been awhile since I did something with totally "real" materials, no digital color. But I was inspired by the illustrations in one of the children's books they read during story time at our local Starbucks earlier this week--"The Dot" by Peter Reynolds

So this afternoon I nestled Jude in the sling and Hudson and I got out the watercolor pencils, brushes, and pens and did some quick doodling. It was a fun little jaunt back into the world of paper and paint.

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Tabitha and Larry said...

Hi Arian
Congratultions on little Jude! I heard your birth went beautifully. I am a friend of Maeve and Tom Conlon, and they all rave about you. I love the print that Rachel and Erica gave me. Its hanging in our living room, and makes me so happy (New Mercies).
These are so cool too. I would love the bottom one in our children's room. Very sweet. Hope to meet you at a show or gathering some time.