Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're BAAaack!

We had an amazing time with family and friends in Ohio/Kentucky celebrating "Thanksmas" (we're not going home for Christmas this year so we combined the holidays.) You just can't beat holidays in the country with people you love but don't get to see often enough.

"My (actually my grandparents') Old Kentucky Home..."

Sporting my nearly 6 months pregnant belly.

My sister trying out new recipes for the Thanksgiving feast!

Storytime with great-grandpa.

Sigh..I miss family.

"Across The River In Ohio..."

Our recycled Christmas wrapping-- sewn Whole Food bags and old wallpaper samples found in my grandpa's garage

More family (and a new haircut: )

And, just like the Pilgrims probably did on their first Thanksmas, we celebrated with the traditional Sock Monkey Making Party. Some dollar store socks, needle & thread, and a good ole' American sock monkey spirit is all you need to incorporate this tradition into your family celebrations.

Great family, great food, great fun...couldn't ask for anything more : )


LazyTcrochet said...

sounds like a wonderful trip! Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you had a wonderful thanksmas n also nice to see all your family's pictures. I am very excited to know that yr grand-pa in Kentucky, he is doing well.
Pls put some pictures of hand-made presents you have made this year sometime!

aga said...

I am the 500 Follower!!!!!!!!
And I am amazed with your talent. Would love to have one of your works at my own home :-)