Wednesday, October 3, 2007


My husband's boss has a lobster boat and when your boss asks if you want to leave work early to go lobstering with him, you go!

That's one fine lookin' lobsterman!

So now we can check this off of our list of New England-type things to do while we live here. Daniel and his boss, John, pulled about 18 traps while Hudson and I lent moral support. When we were done, John left us at the dock with a cooler full of lobster and no real idea what to do with them! So we made some quick calls to some of our more seasoned lobster-eating friends and dropped by their house with empty stomachs and 6 crawly lobster.

Turns out Annie here (who I think is 94!) used to help her dad service their nearly 200 traps by ROW BOAT when she was a child in Norway. I could tell we were in good hands : )

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BN Farrington said...

Ooooh you lucky little lady! I'm from Maine and we get lobster every few years...